Gender: MALE
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 157
Inseam: 32
Neck: 15.5
Shoe: 12
Coat/Length: 40 REGULAR
Chance Tenderloin Tough Alexandra Cunningham
Sense8 Movie Patron The Wachowskis
The Old Secret The Sharp Man Dan Denegre
You Were Not There Singer In Punk Band Stacy Yu
West African Stowaway Will Oldham Fan Chad Blevins
Inna Man Dancing At A Bar Vindigo Malvina Wong
Trimmers Cole Tim Kearney
Chalk Mark Vince Duncan Cook
Worlds Collapse Drew Duncan Cook
Vox Populi Croquet Player 1 Sky Tallone
My Life In The Sewers Andre Bernard Austin Briggs
A Fool For Desire Jean-Luc Austin Briggs
Flamingos Spirit In Bardo Antero Alli
Cherry Man On A Date Stephan Elliott
Knife Fight Man In Sunglasses Bill Guttentag
The Master J. Adams, U.S. Navy P.T. Anderson
The Process Arrogant Record Store Employee Mitch Costanza
Baby Richard David Poff
Rendezvous Man In Sunglasses Ed Moy
Blue Skied And Clear Brian Neil Corbin
Gritty City Shady Guy In The Alley Marlenee Emigh
Interlude Suburban Sex Worker Emily Conti
Treasure Arman Rahul Agarwal
Luna Nathan Belltran Luque
Moneyball A's Fan Bennett Miller
Women and Cigarettes Man On Phone Walking By Maria Mealla & Alejandro Morales
To Dream of Falling Upwards Attorney #1 Antero Alli
Instant Love Jaded Gigolo Ha Yun Kim
Unfinished Love Story David Valerie Heine
Red Tails Prisoner George Lucas
I Think It's Raining Sam's Friend Joshua Moore
Don't Know Me Jazz Club Patron Daniela Goggel
Lonely Pony Island Woodland Cult Member Tracy Brown
In-World War Orientation Student Brant Smith
Contractor's Routine Afghani Rebel Yuri Tsapayev
My Name Is Khan Obama Supporter Karan Johar
All About Evil Bludgeoned Horror Film Lover Joshua Grannell
The Friends We Haven't Met Yet Bizarre Date Giovanni Silva
Funny People Boyfriend Of A Tall Blonde At The Airport Judd Apatow
GoodFellas Project Henry Hill Greg Thomas
Seducing Charlie Barker Man On A Date Amy Glazer
Star Trek Starfleet Cadet J.J. Abrams
Love Aaj Kal Half of a Happy Couple Holding Hands By A Fountain Imtiaz Ali
Milk Bill Kraus Gus Van Sant
Four Christmases Sky Cap Seth Gibson
Rescue Dawn Naval Pilot Werner Herzog
The Pursuit of Happyness European Tourist Gabriele Muccino

"Murder In The First" Goth TNT
"Murder In The First" Recovering Alcoholic TNT
"World's Astonishing News"-Dahmer Funeral Guest Duo Creative
"Looking" Restaurant Patron HBO
'I Almost Got Away With It' Border Patrol Cop Ted
'I Almost Got Away With It' Junkie # 1 Discovery Channel
I Almost Got Away With It-'Kendall' New York Guy Discovery Channel
'I Almost Got Away With It' Train Hopping Gutter Punk Discovery Channel
Hemingway & Gellhorn International Soldier Philip Kaufman
I Almost Got Away With It-'Russell' Philly Cop Discovery Channel
I Faked My Death-'Holmes' Eddie True Love Mickey Freeman
I Almost Got Away With It-'Eizember' Rookie Cop Discovery Channel
The World's Astonishing News!-'Psychic Detective' Police Detective Duo Creative
Amalfi Journalist Japanese TV
Trauma-'Crossed Wires' Birthday Party Waiter Michael Nankin
"Violent Jake" Business Man Samuel O. Smith
"Fly Girls" Himself Bradley Bredeweg, Peter Paige, Jeff Collins
The World's Astonishing News!'-'Heilbronn Phantom' German Police Officer Duo Creative
Trauma-'M'aidez' Hungarian Wedding Guest John Behring
The World's Astonishing News!-'Black Widow' British Police Officer Duo Creative
Trauma-'Masquerade' Costume Ball Waiter Jean de Segonzac
The World's Astonishing News!-'Gigolo' Accomplice Duo Creative
Trauma-'All's Fair' Injured Fair Patron Jeffrey Reiner
Parenthood-Pilot Man About Town Allan Arkush
The World's Most Ridiculous Footage 2008 Best Friend Of A DJ With Gold Teeth Duo Creative
The World's Astonishing News!-'Anorexic Girl' Nurse Duo Creative
The World's Astonishing News!-Dead Girl on a Beach Detective Duo Creative
The World's Astonishing News!-'Deadly Amoeba' Reporter Duo Creative
The World's Astonishing News!-'Man Who etc. Detective Duo Creative
Monk-'Mr. Monk and the Captain's Marriage' Shopper Philip Casnoff
The Evidence-'Stringers' Foo Fighter Concert-Goer Gary Fleder

Our Town Constable Warren Edward Gupton
Old Fashioned Boy Matchstick Boy Edward Gupton

"Simple Beat"-Giggle Party Spooky Particle Vincent Gargiulo
"In the Morning" -Wynter Gordon Night Club Guy Paul Trillo
Jonas Magram Recovering Spiritually Void Man Josylyn Rose Lyons
"Kiss Me Undead"-69 Eyes Undead Husband Scott Sandefur
"Fire It Up" by Thousand Foot Krutch Hero Adam Patch
“Mad About The Boy” by Ava Leigh Apathetic French Night Club Patron Vincent Haycock/Streetgang Films
'Shooting Star' by Air Traffic Half Of A Romantic Couple Terri Timely

Mike's Harder Lemonade Party Goer Fandom
E Bay Guitarist Dyer Productions
Crunchyrol Nightclub Patron Apple TV
Intel Tap Dancer Fan
A T & T Cyclist Aubree Bernier-Clarke
Audi Peaches King Fan
Zen Easy Pay Camera Store Employee
Beats by Dre Football Fanatic
Nu Wave Self Schulberg Media
Basic Acrylic Eccentric Painter Peter Sorin
Microsoft Christmas Party Guest Nick
E Bay Wine Server
Food Network Waiter Bruce
CA Technologies Boyfriend With Darling In The Alley Sam Levy
Tuborg Beer Misunderstood Future Noir Beer Enthusiast Anders Osterballe
Pulte Homes Laundry Matt Punk Steve Relova
Reebok (K-Rod(Francisco Rodriguez) Patient/Killer Whale Ron Yassen/Roadside Entertainment

Harley Davidson Biker Sara Burke/Miami Ad School
OTV Self Fred Vanderpoel
Teenage Dali spine Self Teresa Pasquini
Bohemian Grove All-Stars Self Aron Conaway
Underground, cloned, Little Italy Self Garrett Baumer
Bar, urban and house settings Man From Somewhere Sgrìob
Raw Chicken + Romance Interdimensional Figure Mindo
Stock Photo Shoot Brooding Bad Boy/Emotive Business Man Tanya Constantine

Chevrolet Man At Picnic Anne Tower
AARP Prep In The Fog Schultz Photography
Sandisk Proud Sandisk User Peter Samuels
Sansa 24 Hour Party Person Peter Samuels
Getty Images Man In Various Situations On A Busy Highway John Lund and Sam Diephuis
BMW Affluent Affiliate Jake Mills
Merryvale Winery Husband With Wife Looking Off Into Waterfall Toby Burditt

Shave Your Style WIKIBEARDIA No. 101 BrAun CruZer
Nvidia Graphics Guy At A New Year's Party Richard Kraus
SAP Baseball Baseball Fan Jeff Reed
Intuit Architectect/Guard Gyorgi Sapojnikoff
Millenium Towers Happy Resident Matt Wilkons
VISA A Texting Russian On A Bridge Da Da Films
Applied Biosystems Night Club Dancer Brendan Raher

Eligible Partners Self ALL AROUND TALENT LLC
Kids Faire Johnny Bravo Action! Event Pros

Instruments: GUITAR, Miscellaneous Skills: ASTROLOGER

Other Experience
Worked on the films 'She Blow Smoke' and 'The Passion Of Six Street'(2003) with Vega Li/Vena Kava and Fred Vanderpoel as an adviser/producer. Production Assistant on the Antero Alli film "Book of Jane"(2013).
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